Businesses should use blind interviews to increase diversity

Businesses should use blind interviews to increase diversity

A recent study has indicated that conducting blind interviews can help companies to build a more diverse workforce, as it increases the chances of hiring women and minority candidates.

Speak With A Geek (SWAG), a San Francisco, USA-based technology recruitment specialist, carried out the study, which found that the influence of preconceived views over the recruitment process was reduced when blind performance auditions were implemented.

Information, including the names and background of interviewees were excluded from applications so that that candidates were evaluated solely on skills and performance.

Grant Conyers, executive vice-president of Speak With A Geek said the process places all candidates on an equal footing. He said: “Only [their] performance is rated, allowing the best talent to shine through regardless of background, gender, race, or ethnicity.”

Using this approach, recruiters can also eliminate their conscious and unconscious biases during hiring process. Furthermore, the study found that this procedure led to more job applications from women, minorities, and individuals from non-traditional backgrounds.

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SWAG revealed that the blind auditions improved the number of female applicants by up to 54 per cent when compared to normal recruitment processes, where women account for five per cent of applicants. 

Grant elaborated on this new diversity initiative: “Blind auditions are a step in the right direction when it comes to levelling the playing field for all candidates.

“A female coder is on equal footing as her male counterpart since all gender attributes are removed. As we continue to study the effects that blind auditions have on diversity and inclusion, we also aim to identify some best practices.

“Our mission will always be to help companies find the best technical talent from a diverse pool of candidates. Pinpointing the most effective ways in which blind auditions can facilitate diversity in the tech workplace is what we’re working on.”


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