Rachel MacLynn is living la Vida on a global scale

Rachel MacLynn is living la Vida on a global scale

Vida Consultancy is an international award-winning matchmaking agency, which aim’s to find life partners for the world’s most exceptional people. It has provided Rachel MacLynn the opportunity to work with inspirational people and for her, there is no greater feeling than helping someone find love, not to mention being paid for the privilege.


Tell us about your business, what inspired you to start it and how is it different to that of rivals on the market?

I moved into a career in matchmaking 10 years ago as a detour from my original career path as a business psychologist. When I discovered matchmaking as a profession, it had instant appeal.

However, at the time a career in matchmaking also came with risk; the industry was not, and, in many respects, still is not regulated. There was also a stigma associated with matchmaking agencies also known at the time as ‘introduction agencies’ or ‘marriage bureaus’.

It was therefore a big decision for me to step away from highly respected career in business psychology, but I saw it as a tremendous opportunity. I got into the industry early on and have brought positive influence to new matchmakers who have followed in my footsteps. 

Vida has now been running for five years and it’s been an incredible journey. Our international matchmaking service is almost unrivalled – most matchmakers only operate within their home city, or perhaps nationally; but very few have the infrastructure or ambition to work with clients who want to find a partner across multiple countries, or even continents.

 What have been the key challenges for your business?

Matchmaking must be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. However, it is highly emotional and when dealing with people it brings a lot of uncertainty. Many of our clients are very powerful people; they are industry leaders educated at the world’s top universities and some have very high levels of wealth.

It takes a lot of skill and expertise to build a fully trusting relationship with our clients and bring positive influence into their lives in order to help them achieve their goal of finding a life partner.

 What are your company’s biggest achievements to date?

 We’ve had many achievements over the last five years that I’m hugely proud of. Ultimately, our biggest achievement are the many happy couples we have created and the marriages and babies that have followed. Another major achievement was winning Matchmaking Agency of the Year in the 2016 European dating awards.

vida-consultancy-matchmakingHow lucrative has the matchmaking industry been for you, and what excites you most about what you do?

My focus is being good at what I do and building a stellar reputation – through this the business has been lucrative. To date, Vida does not advertise and we get most of our members through referrals and word of mouth.

We could be a lot more lucrative by investing into advertising and I do have this planned as the next step for the business. However, my aim for the first five years was to focus on quality and reputation and achieving a high success rate.

We have achieved this, so the next step that I am really excited about, is growing our two relatively new services that have been running for one to two years. Vida8 is our events arm, which brings the opportunity for our members to meet each other at a drinks party, carefully curated by Barbara Brudenell-Bruce and always held in stunning venues across London or the South of France.

The second is our gay and lesbian division which launched just over a year ago. This headed up by Jacqueline Burns. Like me, Jacqueline has a background in psychology and is rapidly becoming known as the go-to expert for gay and lesbian professionals who are looking for a committed relationship. It’s exciting to set up new sections of the business and see them flourish.


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