Boardroom quota or not, women are rising to the top

Boardroom quota or not, women are rising to the top

Isn’t it strange that some people still insist on a ‘female quota’ in a board room, as if us ladies are just trying to get a seat at the big boy’s table?

Take a good look around in 2016 and all across the globe you’ll notice a flash of stiletto heels as women stride right past that fabled ‘big boy’s table’ and straight to establish themselves as true top dogs.

Quota or no quota, we’re doing it for ourselves. This does not only apply to business, it is happening in entertainment and in the media. And despite Hillary Clinton’s narrow defeat in a marginalised America, we are certainly doing it for ourselves in politics.

It’s truly humbling and motivating, and I am incredibly proud what women can achieve, and are constantly achieving, in what is still so consistently referred to as a ‘man’s world’.

It’s an incredible message to send to women everywhere. When it came to David Cameron’s resignation we had not one, but two women running to lead our great country and Theresa May’s steadfast and steely approach to the recently rocky political climate has given a modicum of stability to the UK, and great inspiration for future female leaders everywhere.

As women’s success stories continue to flourish, it’s hard to imagine that our right to vote was only fully established in 1928. After watching the 2015 Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Mulligan movie ‘Suffragette’ – the situation that half of this country’s population faced in the fight for equality made for a very difficult watching experience.

I find myself being so grateful that I live and work in a country, where women are no longer treated as the ‘wildly emotional, unstable and incapable sex’.

We are on our rightful equal footing with our male partners and counterparts and are given the opportunities to climb to the highest heights and break the glass ceilings that we’ve been aiming for so long.

Despite the outcome, the US Presidential election was a wonderful showcase of feminine success and determination. Regardless of your opinions on her politically, Hilary Clinton was a true-grit fighter in the face of chauvinism and misogyny from the new President Elect.

She dressed powerfully (depending on your view of the ‘pantsuit’!), debated coolly and reminded us how gracious, strong and capable a woman can be in battle, and defeat.

For future generations, having women at the forefront of every industry you can imagine, from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to Beyonce and back to Hillary Clinton and Theresa May – girls and young women across the globe have no end to the role models that can inspire them to succeed in whatever they can put their minds to.

We are constantly reminded again, and again that we do not need to be ‘invited’ to succeed and that when young women are given the opportunity and encouragement as all children deserve, the results are wonderful.

While writing this, I am reminded of one of my favourite quotes that comes from Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg: ‘‘When you invest in a girl’s education, she feeds herself, her children, her community and her nation”. which not only motivates and humbles me, but makes me so excited for the future of ladies across the globe.

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Lisa Powis is the founder of the Fresh Insurance Group, an Insurance business based in Redditch and Bracknell. 


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