First Women have the last word—with Sally Preston, Kiddylicious

First Women have the last word—with Sally Preston, Kiddylicious

sally-portrait-kiddylicious-jpgThe business or professional woman I most admire is no one – I don’t have role models.

To juggle my work and life balance I try to be disciplined. Technology allows us to work 24-seven, but it is important you don’t.

We have family meals together to find out what our family has been up to, to share their lives and see what is important to them. It’s important to book time with friends–if you don’t book time, it won’t happen! Have ‘me’ time at the beauty salon because it makes you feel good.

My biggest career break was getting a student placement at Marks and Spencer, which then lead to a full-time job. I spent 11 years there.

The biggest influence on my career was no one. I have never had a mentor.

One thing that makes me mad in business today is people needing to validate their gut instincts –trust yourself.

Are boardroom quotas are necessary or nuts? Something to aspire to. A balanced board of gender, age, race and education is a better functioning board.

My one tip on negotiating a pay rise is to do it softly. Don’t demand, just suggest you are worth it, but provide evidence.

In five years I see myself doing non-executive director roles in start-ups and phase two of growth and gardening.

My number one piece of advice to young women starting their careers is be prepared to be flexible. Move jobs and roles frequently to get a wide breadth of experience. Challenge yourself to do things out of your comfort zone.

My favourite wind down activity is socialising with family and friends, big BBQ, wine, games and laughter. I am a very social person and love having fun people around me.

The last book I read was I read Grazia and OK magazine. I am currently reading The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins.

The one thing I can’t live without is wine and laughter.


About Sally Preston

Sally Preston is the founder of Kiddylicious. She won the First Woman of Retail Award in 2016.


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