Dear Women, write to ten people who have inspired you

Dear Women, write to ten people who have inspired you

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A new project wants females to express their gratitude to other women who have made an impact on their lives by hand writing a letter to them.

Dear Women, a movement founded by Chicago-based calligrapher and artist Emily Asher, encourages women to write letters thanking at least ten women who have inspired and influenced them.

The idea is that the ten recipients will take the baton and write to another set of women, and so on.

Asher told “After Hillary Clinton lost the US election, I felt compelled to do something with my business that could translate into action.

“I started thinking about all the great women who had come before her, and all those in my own life whose words and faces had given me comfort and strength.

“And then I thought, we should all do this! And that’s how the project started.”

Asher has also created cards of historical and powerful women and their quotes, for people to send to their inspirational women. She will donate 25 per cent of profits from Dear Women products to non-profit organisations that support women such as She Should Run.

 “‘There is something special about a hand-written note,” Asher said. “The surprise of getting the letter in the mail, the personal touch of that person’s unique handwriting, knowing they spent the time to write out those words to you – and being able to keep it and return to it.


Do you know any inspirational and exceptional women? Why not nominate them for a First Women Award.


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