Word of advice: Laura Phillips’s golden rules to build your SME empire

Word of advice: Laura Phillips’s golden rules to build your SME empire

Driven by a staunch ambition to be a success story rather than a victim of circumstance, Laura Phillips pursued her a career in the creative industries before carving out her niche as a digital strategy coach and mentor.

Here she shares some of the principles that got her to the top.

1 – Take brave leaps

Many people think you need confidence to be brave. Confidence comes as a result of initially exercising courage. The single biggest reason my business grew so fast is because I got took a lot of brave steps many times.

Think to yourself, ‘what’s the worst that can happen if I take this leap’? And most often the very worst case scenario is just an opportunity in disguise. Opportunity can also come in the form of a lesson from you can learn and improve your strategy for next time. 

Remember there is no such thing as failure, it is just feedback.

2 – Build enjoyment as well as revenues

It’s important to focus on building revenues in your business. However, when you continue to love what you do day-to-day, you will experience even more success as your business grows.

The energy you put into your business will multiply your results; you’ll avoid burnout and your passion will be contagious to both your customers and your team.

When you’re starting out in business and you still have bills to pay don’t lose the fun in the process. Keep aiming to delegate out more of what you don’t enjoy doing over time.

I recommend doing an exercise on describing your perfect working day in detail to keep this important aspect at the heart of what you do. Redo the exercise once a year to keep you on track.

3 – Get a coach or mentor

When it comes to making big leaps in your business, nothing is going to help you get there quicker than working with a coach or mentor. A great coach can help you identify opportunities you didn’t know were there, achieve quicker wins and help you break through any hurdles in your way. Plus the accountability of having someone there will keep you moving and continuously making progress.

It can take a while to find the right coach for your particular challenge, but do your homework and ask to speak to other clients of theirs to ensure they’re the real deal.


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