People want opinions not a sales pitch

People want opinions not a sales pitch

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What information can you provide a publication that they don’t have access to?

If a journalist can find the information themselves, then they will do just that. Are you able to provide them with certain data? A new product or service launch? An interview with someone they may not be able to reach?

You should be providing a journalist and publication with something they wouldn’t be able to do themselves.

Will the audience be interested?

As a business, you should know your audience inside-out, and then do as much research as you can on the publication’s audience too. Discover what they are reading, what interests they have and how they consume content. If you can confidently answer these questions and your idea aligns with your audience’s interests, then go ahead.

You also need to question why the audience should be interested in what you have to say. Does what you’re saying impact their lives? For example, if you have data which shows X could affect life span then it’s going to prove newsworthy content and show your business to be at the forefront of your industry.

What do I want the outcome to be?

As a business, what do you want the reaction from your audience to be? It’s likely you don’t want to distance yourself too much from views which may align with theirs, but as the thought leader, you should be using your platform to help educate and guide others.

Your role as a thought leader should be seen by you as the role of educator. Consider how we all trust Apple to create the best tech products on the market. This is because they are the experts in their realm and therefore consumers no longer question whether they need their next product – they are compelled too, because if Apple says it’s good enough, then it must be true.  

How can I cut through?

We are at peak content saturation, therefore attempting to cut through the noise is tricky in today’s digital environment. As a nation, we are time-stressed and bombarded with different messages on a daily basis. Therefore we only want to consume the content that we really want – and need – to know about.

This question sums up everything in a nutshell; how can I cut through? Then you need to be able to answer the above questions. If you’re unable to provide a publication with something unique they cannot access themselves and your audience with something that had a direct impact on them, then you aren’t going to cut through.

Publications receive hundreds and thousands of pitches every single day, and ultimately, they are only going to feature the pieces which they believe will increase their viewership. If your pitch lacks a real point or opinion then you can bet that it won’t be picked up.


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Lucy Stevens is a content executive at digital marketing agency Datify.


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