Philanthropic Miller says society is in danger of regressing on decades of progress

Philanthropic Miller says society is in danger of regressing on decades of progress

The current political and economic climate has had a marked effect on the equality movement—not in the least the inauguration of President Trump, which galvanised more than two million women around the globe to march to promote and protect women’s right and equality.

Gina Miller is worried society is in danger of regressing on the decades of progress it’s made, especially following the torrent of abuse she received for taking government to court over the legality of triggering of Article 50.

In an exclusive interview the philanthropic business woman told First Women “there’s a real problem that there will be a backward step in diversity when it comes to economic challenges going ahead”.

“If you look at the last economic crisis, there were problems when it came to diversity and women,” she said. “They were the ones who were made redundant.

“We need to ensure there is a structural environment within businesses that supports women.”

As an entrepreneur Miller boasts a roster of enterprises that include money management firms SCM Direct, SCM Private and Expanding her philanthropic remit, she established the True and Fair Foundation in 2009, which focuses on small community-based projects and charities. 

The foundation helps these organisations to become sustainable, while working with donors to promote smarter giving. For successful individuals who want to give back to society, the foundation looks at moving the idea of giving back away from monetary awards, and promotes the giving of resources such as skills and time.

Miller believes women are particularly well-suited to philanthropic work because of their innate attributes and emotional intelligence. 

She said: “Women have what innately make us female—our instincts and passions make us great philanthropists. The problem is that philanthropy tends to be dominated by men with money.

“Women can use skills, energy and emotional intelligence to really engage with what’s wrong with society, social justice and asking the uncomfortable questions.

“It’s also about looking at solutions that are far more pragmatic and benevolent than solutions just based on money.”


Watch the full interview below.


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