Capgemini is creating a great working environment for its people through Active Inclusion

Capgemini is creating a great working environment for its people through Active Inclusion

Once again we’re opening up the First Women Awards for our readers to decide which company deserves the prestigious Business of the Year title.

All shortlisted companies have spoken to First Women about efforts to further the gender agenda.

For consulting companies like Capgemini delivering business, technology and digital solutions for clients worldwide requires flexibility and lots of travel.

There’s always been a perception that the demanding schedules and working practices in this sector were more suited to men.

It’s not news that female representation in IT is low—currently less than 27%. But as the industry continues to advance rapidly, diversity becomes an advantage, enabling companies to generate new ideas and anticipate market trends.

Capgemini is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and it is determined more than ever to increase the number of females in leadership and across all levels of the organisation.

Women make up 30% of the firm’s 190,000-strong global workforce. In the UK, the executive board has a 50-50 gender split but there’s a clear dearth of females represented at senior level.

To address this shortage, in 2012 Capgemini launched Women@Capgemini, its flagship programme to recruit, retain and develop talented women at the firm.

Speaking to First Women, Frances Duffy, Capgemini’s UK HR director and regional HR lead, North and West Europe, says the company recognises there’s a long way to go and has set targets across the piece, from schools’ programmes and graduate recruitment to changing its workplace environment.

She explains: “On one hand we’re looking at policies, and processes, and practices. What’s causing the problem here, and what do we need to change?

“On the other hand, we’re focusing on people’s behaviours because they use those processes and create the working environment.”

Find out more about Capgemini’s Active Inclusion initiative and vote for the Business of the Year at Real Business.


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