EDF’s diversity drive is supporting its investment in projects like Hinkley Point C

EDF’s diversity drive is supporting its investment in projects like Hinkley Point C

We’ve opened up the First Women Awards once again for our readers to decide which company deserves the prestigious Business of the Year title.

Here, Fiona Jackson, head of strategic resourcing at EDF Energy speaks to First Women about its efforts to improve its diversity.

Traditionally, the energy provider has been a very male-dominated organisation, particularly in the generation division of the business, where female representation is around 13%.

On the customer side, the balance is closer to a 50-50 and EDF Energy is looking to spread this across to the leadership and the senior team.

By 2030 the company is aiming to have 37% women across its entire UK workforce, with at least 35% represented in management and senior leadership. The figure at this level currently stands at 10%. EDF has its work cut out for it.

“We’ve put in place targets for gender and ethnicity at employee, manager and senior leadership level, so that we focus not only on attracting women into our organisation but also how we’re promoting them,” Jackson says.

The strategic intent behind EDF’s diversity drive, aside from fostering innovation and reflecting its customers, is to buttress its investment in projects like building Hinkley Point C.

Through its campus EDF Energy deploys a women’s development programme for employees and manager, teaching them how to navigate the organisation and promote themselves, get visible and go for higher roles,

Jackson says: “We’re focusing on the speed and pace at which we’re getting women ready for senior positions.

“Everyone can put themselves forward for the campus schemes, and we supplement this at a senior level with talent managers creating one-to-one programmes that are tracked and monitored by the senior team.”

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