Keep calm and carry on to reunite a broken Britain

Keep calm and carry on to reunite a broken Britain

Back in June, the UK public voted to leave the European Union, but many throughout our United Kingdom desperately wanted to remain.

It is an unfortunate consequence of these types of monumental decisions that invariably, we end up a divided nation. We are more conflicted than ever as a direct result of the EU referendum, and this nation still needs time to heal.

For our country’s continued prosperity post-Brexit, we need to become galvanised like never before and work together to reunite our broken Kingdom.

In the aftermath of probably one of the most cataclysmic periods in British politics, where one can scarcely keep up with the unfolding stories, what is needed is a sense of calm.

Let’s not try and second guess what ‘might be’ or listen to those from the media who’s main purpose is to set about proving their point of view was right irrespective of the damage or consequences of doing so.

Unfortunately, and as is the modern way with a number of our media, some reporters seem to take pleasure in creating as much panic and turmoil as possible. Negativity is the name of the game, and for the sake of selling stories.

As a country of high achievers we have a lot to look forward to, of course there are choppy waters ahead but in the business of business that is par for the course.

We have a lot of hard work to do to help rebuild our fantastic country, a now independent force, but just how forceful we can be as a result of our new found freedom is up to each and every one of us.

How much do we want the prize that’s now ours to take? We are the fifth largest economy in the world and we have fantastic innovative products and services from all across the land that the rest of the world want.

Our heritage is second to none and our strength lies in our ability to perform when our back is against the wall, to rally to the cry of our nation when it needs us most and all with a sense of calm us Britons are famous for.

Let us not allow the well of negative reaction, exaggerated by the mainstream and social media, shift our resolve to succeed.

It is after all how we perform in times of crisis that defines us. We have exceptionally gifted and intellectual people across all areas of politics, industry, finance, commerce, services and manufacturing.

Our strength lies in numbers, pulling together in one direction with a sense of purpose and a vision to progress.

It is essential, whichever way you voted that the business community unite and lead the way to a stronger, better, more innovative and visionary tomorrow.

In the national interest and in our own business interests, we must be part of the solution, not the problem. We must lead like never before and we must take advantage of a brighter new tomorrow. 

Together we must work hard to make Britain great once again.


About the author

Jacqui Miller-Charlton has over 35 years’ experience working within a senior executive role in her own business alongside her two brothers. A trail blazer in the construction, quarrying, mining and associated industries she changed the face of how hydraulic excavators are used around the world through the introduction of their company’s revolutionary Miller Quick Coupler.

 Jacqui stepped down from her operational role in 2014 but remains a shareholder and Main board Director. More recently she has assisted in mentoring many business professionals looking to create, grow or change and manage their own businesses.


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