Five successful businesswomen who broke the mould and refused to play by the rules

Five successful businesswomen who broke the mould and refused to play by the rules

Today – 26 August – is Women’s Equality Day for our friends across the pond. It marks 94 years since women were legally allowed to vote in the US, after a long struggle to establish women’s rights as equal to that of men’s.

We have since seen bounds of progress for women at work. Recently, this has included Apple’s news that it had eliminated the wage gap among all its employees in the US. But, of more significance is Hilary Clinton’s Trump-trampling stride towards the Oval office. Her campaign thus far has undoubtedly been a source inspiration for many young women, yet the fact of the matter itself is telling of society’s current trajectory in the journey towards achieving gender parity.

In Australia this study showed that women’s wages are lagging behind men’s by 20 per cent, and just this week the Institute of Fiscal Studies revealed that women in the UK face a “motherhood penalty”, and fall behind their male counterparts in both pay and career progression, after they had their first child.

When the research is combined with reality, like this instance when soon-to-be ex-Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts said we should be done with the gender equality debate, the World Economic Forum’s prediction that the gender gap won’t close until 2133 seems to have hit the nail on the head.

Nonetheless, several women have scaled mounds of barriers stacked again them and gone on to achieve esteemed success. To celebrate Women’s Equality day and the victories it has brought, here are just a few of women of note that broke the mould and continue to transcend the boundaries placed on female achievement.


Businesswomen that broke the mould
Businesswomen who broke the mould by infographic Euroffice

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