Seyi Ayinla is building a digital marketing empire for the wedding industry

Seyi Ayinla is building a digital marketing empire for the wedding industry

Seyi Ayinla Founder, LoveweddingsNG

Seyi Ayinla set up her website around three years ago when she discovered a gap in the industry. It was the perfect avenue to express her love for weddings and utilise the knowledge and skills she had developed over the years and through studying.


Tell us about your background. Where did you start your career and how has it evolved? 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in TV, digital, marketing, communications and most importantly the pomp and ceremony surrounding weddings. I studied Mass Communications at university and also graduated with a Masters in Advertising and Design.

Throughout my life, I have always been entrepreneurial despite working for almost a decade in roles ranging from customer service, advertising, Public Relations and digital marketing. I have been a makeup artist, a hair stylist; I even once owned a binding machine and charged a fee to bind student projects, papers, documents. I enjoy exploring new opportunities and seeing new ideas grow into something long lasting.


2016-10-28-love-weddings-qaTell us bout your company. What type of clients do you work with, what inspired you to start it and how is it different to that of rivals on the market?

LoveweddingsNG predominantly helps small to medium scale businesses in the wedding industry connect with clients.

We offer digital marketing solutions to these businesses in order to help them achieve their marketing objectives, which can range from increasing brand awareness, improving the company’s digital presence or increasing sales/conversions.

We’re different because we know the Nigerian wedding industry. We have a website – , which is an online resource for couples to get them ready for their big day.

Through our website and social media pages, we have come to understand the clients these wedding vendors are after – their behaviours, what they like, what they want to see, etc. and we use the knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.

What are your company’s biggest achievements to date

For me, the biggest achievement is how far we’ve come with nearly no budget/investment and no affiliations to any big names. We are proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 3 years and the only way is up from here.

We’ve also won two awards (Outstanding Media/Wedding Blog – 2014 and The Best Blogger – 2015)  and we’ve partnered with some notable brands and organisations.

What have been the key challenges for your business?

Employees and lack of investment. As a growing business with a goal in mind, we need the best hands but we can’t always offer employees as much money as bigger firms so it’s difficult sometimes keeping people interested with what we can afford to pay.

We’ve taken on interns in the past and it’s quite sad seeing someone who you’d love to keep go because you can’t afford to take them on full-time.

We’ve received some investment offers but none of them have felt right so far and it’s important to us that we partner with someone/people who believe in what we’re about, the values we stand for and where we want to go with our business.  

How lucrative has the business been for you, and what excites you most about what you do?

Its only started to generate tangible income very recently, which is not unusual in this line of business. You have to spend a lot of time building a name and establishing your brand and then gaining people’s trust. We are now at that point where people can happily pay us and trust us to work with them

What is the greatest challenge and the greatest reward in being your own boss? What are the biggest lessons you have learned?

The greatest challenge is trying to break out of the habit of doing everything yourself and letting go of some things and trusting other people to run with it. It’s difficult because initially, that’s the only option you have when you start off with limited funds. 

But its very important to understand that your interpretation of perfect isn’t always perfect and to grow a sustainable business, it has to have the capacity to operate with or without you being physically present; that’s the greatest lesson I’ve learned so far in business – letting go.

The greatest reward is seeing an idea grow into something tangible; there are no rules when you’re your own boss – you’ll do anything to make that idea work so when it works, the feeling is truly rewarding.

I also like the flexibility of working on my own terms. I can choose to work a little longer and at unconventional hours and take some time off later.

 What are your priorities as a business leader?

My top priorities are:

  • Customer service – It’s my utmost priority to ensure all of my clients are happy with the service they receive. I believe this makes them evangelists and of course brings them back and they never come back alone so its great for business.
  • People – raising a team of people who share our values and have the right attitude to help us go where we want to as a company. The hope is that in doing this, they are also improving their individual skills and building a sustainable career path for the future.
  • Remaining accessible – It’s a priority for me to ensure that regardless of how big the business grows, I still maintain the direct relationship I have with my key stakeholders – employees, clients (wedding vendors, brides, grooms), colleagues, etc.


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  • Chinelo Okoli

    Seyi has done a great job with LoveweddingsNG. Her passion, knowledge and consistency have transformed that vision to reality. This interview was a great read.

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