KPMG is levelling the playing field to get more women into tech sector

KPMG is levelling the playing field to get more women into tech sector

KPMG has, like many other businesses, recognised the need to re-evaluate the progression opportunities available within its organisation.

The firm’s progress has seen it join a group of forward-thinking businesses on our 2017 First Women Business of the Year Award shortlist. Ahead of a popular vote by readers, we discovered more about its approach to gender diversity.

The firm’s history in addressing its diversity and inclusion challenges has been well documented over the years, and four years ago it published stretch targets for gender, sexuality, race and disability.

Melanie Richards, KPMG vice-chair and board-level diversity champion, told First Women that the company took the step believing that improving inclusion and promoting transparency are the routes toward progress.

“In truth, we’re still frustrated by the speed of progress, but it’s moved the conversation on inside the organisation,” Richards says. “Introducing our diversity targets has created a real culture change within the firm however we know there is still a way to go.”

Target setting has been critical, as KPMG focused on implementing diversity and female-specific interventions in the areas of recruitment, promotion and retention.

For example, after reviewing its graduate recruitment processes KPMG introduced Launch Pad in 2016, to ensure they attracted the best talent into the firm.

The programme has played a crucial role in widening the diversity of its talent pool, with graduate recruitment now almost at a 50-50 gender balance.

Between 2015 and 2016, KPMG launched GROW, a leadership development initiative –sponsored by Richards – which identifies the barriers facing under-represented groups, including women, and uses training and internal programmes to break them down.

The nine-month initiative has resulted in 15% of GROW delegates receiving promotion in 2016.

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