First Women have the last word—with Sarah Brown, Pai Skincare

First Women have the last word—with Sarah Brown, Pai Skincare

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Discover what makes Sarah Brown, founder of premium skin care product range Pai Skincare, tick.

The businesswoman I most admire is Sara Davenport, who set up The Haven – a unique free advice and care centre for women going through breast cancer treatment. I’ve seen for myself the empowering effect it had on a close friend and millions of women like her.

To juggle my work and life balance I have an amazingly supportive and loving childcare network.

My biggest career break was developing a really bad rash. It led me to quit my job in PR and set up Pai. The range is for people with infuriating skin like me.

The biggest influence on my career was realising the over-riding importance of quality and putting the customer at the heart of everything you do.

One thing that makes me mad in business today is some companies’ lack of integrity and transparency. Business and ethics don’t have to be mutually exclusive notions.

Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare

Are boardroom quotas are necessary or nuts? Nuts. While I believe women bring balance to male-dominated industries, it’s fundamentally wrong for a woman to get a job over a man on the grounds of gender, not merit. It’s reverse discrimination.  

My one tip on negotiating a pay rise is to show willing. Take on an extra project (with a smile) and go the extra mile. Bosses are looking for passion, commitment and a real sense of team.

In five years I see myself continuing to run Pai (but five times the size obviously!). And washing school uniforms. I have two little boys who are growing up fast.

My number one piece of advice to young women starting their careers is to keep an open mind. The most incredible opportunities can crop up from unexpected places. If someone had told me I’d end up retraining in cosmetic formulation and setting up a skincare business, I’d have said they were two sandwiches short of a picnic.

My favourite wind down activity is having a glass of red wine and catching up with friends.

The last book I read was Doctoring Data by Malcolm Kendrick

The one thing I can’t live without is my husband and children (cheesy but true!).  


About Sarah Brown

Brown is the founder of cosmetic skin care brand Pai Skincare. Pai was born of Brown’s own battle with skin allergies. The premium products provide solutions for sensitive skin, using organic ingredients and no synthetics or irritants such as parabens, petrochemicals or phenoxyethanol.


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