How you can use mindfulness to unlock work-life bliss

How you can use mindfulness to unlock work-life bliss

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Listen to your body

Are you comfortable with your own body right now? Scan your body for 1 minute to become aware of the different sensations you may be feeling.

Our bodies are our homes and we should take good care of them. Are you hungry? Tired? Are there certain areas of stress? Do you need movement right now?

This allows you to really recognise what is going on in your body and be attentive to its needs, whether it be getting some rest or doing exercise.

Label your emotions

Do a check-in with yourself to see how you are feeling at that moment. Are you feeling lonely or bored, is that why you are mindlessly checking your phone?

Are you feeling anxious or excited, is that why you want a cigarette? Recognise the connection between your emotional state and your behaviour, and see how your feelings may be affecting what you do. Once you identify your present emotion, label it, and let it go.

Tweak daily routines 

Take an everyday activity that you may normally do mindlessly, such as brushing your teeth, drinking your coffee, or walking the dog, and make it mindful.

Every day you should approach the activity with curiosity, being mindful of what you are doing and how you feel throughout the experience for two minutes.

When you pay attention closely, you may pick up on things you haven’t noticed before, or find more enjoyment in the seemingly simple task.

Find a mindfulness buddy

While mindfulness training at its core may seem like something that you do alone, the mindful buddy can give you the platform to encourage and be encouraged to take part in the mindfulness activities and meditation.

Choose someone who will be a good support for you, download a mindfulness app together, and make an appointment during the week to meet and meditate together.

Check-in with each other over the course of the week to make sure the other person is practicing mindfulness. Push each other to grow in this journey.

Eat mindfully once a day

When you sit down for a meal, are you fully present with this experience? Or are you multitasking – checking social media, watching TV, or talking with your friends?

Always ask yourself: “Am I really hungry right now? Does my body really need that? Instead of trying to rush through, take the time to enjoy your food and set a timer for 20 minutes to make sure your meal lasts at least that long.

Try to be mindful of the experience and really pay attention to the texture, taste, and temperature of the food, as well as to your bodily sensations.


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Dana Zelicha is a leading academic on the topic of Mindful Leadership, graduate of the London School of Economics (LSE), and a former corporate high-flyer who’s first hand experience with the mounting stress and pressure of the modern workforce inspired her to launch OWBA—The Well Being Agency. Her goal is simple: to help the organisational world become more mindful. 


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